Inspiration meets simplicity

My desire to discover the magical world of jewellery made me start taking lessons. In the course of this search, I came across the procedure of "lost wax" which was foundational to me. I was enchanted by the way a piece of wax could be transformed into a beautiful ornament.
My name is Mary Mouchtari. I was born and raised in Athens, Greece. I live and create in Penteli with the lovely company of my dog Stalitsa and my cat Bella.

After a long-term internal search and educational lessons, I decided to share with you the magical world that enchanted me. My love and passion for art and for jewellery were asking for a way out. A big step. From creation to the exposure of my soul. Two people stood by me in this venture. My sweet Pepi Dimopoulou, mentor, advisor, supporter but above all a very good friend. And my son Panagiotis who stood by me in this magical journey. I owe them so much.

My motto: "less is more".
Simplicity determines all sectors of my life so my work was naturally influenced by this. I was impressed by the simplicity and clarity of the lines in Scandinavian design but also in ancient Cycladic culture. I get my inspirations from organic forms and architectural lines.
My professional occupation with jewellery started in 2021 and my first collection's name is FORMS OF SIMPLICITY.

When a chapter ends, a new one begins